Real Treasure

Rachel attended a local primary school and tonight we went to a parent-teacher interview. When Rachel’s teacher met us, her eyebrows seemed to elevate slightly. She spoke kindly of our first grader but said she had some concerns. She then invited us to look at the artwork; we would see what she meant.

Dozens of brown paper treasure chests were tacked to the bulletin board. Each had a barrelled top attached with a pin. On the front was printed, “A Real Treasure Would Be …” We walked over and began opening the lids to find Rachel’s treasure and see why it so concerned the teacher.

As we peeked into each chest, we saw TVs and Nintendo’s, a few genies, heaps of gold coins, and a unicorn. Rachel’s chest was in the very bottom corner. We had to stoop to open it. Inside, our daughter had drawn Christ, hanging on a cross with red drops of blood shaped like hearts dripping from his hands. She had completed the sentence, “A Real Treasure Would Be… Jesus.”

“Do you see my concern?” the teacher asked, her arms folded across her chest.

“Yes,” my husband agreed, “I see what you mean. The J is backwards, isn’t it?”

Life has a tendency to distract us from the things of real value. Everything about us glitters and screams for our attention. Blessed is the person that has found the real treasure and continues to build their life on Him.