There I was, seated in row 17, flying from Dallas to Los Angeles. I began to daydream, thinking about a friend of mine who had once treated me (what I thought was) unfairly in a financial dealing. As I turned the incident over in my mind, I remembered how I had originally consoled my bruised feelings by thinking to myself, “Well, that’s okay, it’s God’s money anyway – God will deal with him.

But flying on that jet through the night, I started to get an uneasy feeling inside, almost like vengeance. All of a sudden, it wasn’t enough to put the whole thing in God’s hands. I found myself thinking, “I sure hope the Lord brings that matter up when so-and-so stands before Him on the Day of Judgment.” But then I remembered our Lord’s teaching in Matthew 6:15, “If you do not forgive men, then your (heavenly) Father will not forgive your transgressions.”

Suddenly, I burst out laughing. All at once I saw the sad hilarity of my thinking. I had never really forgiven my friend at all! God showed me the gross unforgiveness in my heart – not only toward this friend—but toward many others who had also hurt or offended me. Even with all my complaining, what I was really saying in my heart was, “That guy will get his!”