Be sure your sin will find you out…

A young man once found a nest containing several hen eggs in a ditch not too far from a farmyard. He reasoned with himself since he did not have to go into the farmyard after them and since he had found them, they were his. He nervously filled his trouser pockets with the eggs and left the nest. Getting out of the ditch with pockets full of eggs was tricky but he managed to get out without breaking them. Next he made his way slowly across a ploughed field where the walking was rather difficult. At one point he heard a man shouting. He couldn’t make out the precise words and wasn’t particularly interested either. So he ran. As he approached the fence on the other side of the field, without looking back he jumped on it and flung himself over, landing roughly on the ground with the sound of breaking egg shells in his pockets. He got up quickly and kept running until the voices he heard earlier had all but disappeared. At that point he stopped and slowly turned to see who it was that was calling. In the distance he saw two men calling to each other in neighbouring fields, oblivious to the thumping in the young man’s chest. He thought he had found the eggs, but his conscience found him.

It is truly written, “The wicked flee when no man pursueth.” Man may claim to be free and in control of his life but when his thoughts turn to God, the skeletons in the closet start rattling and his heart troubles him.

Moses said, “Be sure your sin will find you out.” (Numbers 32, 23) This remarkable statement was a warning against infidelity given to the people of Israel. If they failed to keep their promise, that was sin against God. With God grass does not grow over sin. It pursues us and eventually catches up with us. This is a race we cannot win, however unlikely we might consider it.

The Bible describes an event that makes our conscience very uncomfortable. It talks of the final judgment where “The dead were judged by those things which were written in the books.” (Revelation 20:12) God needs no books made of paper, nor computers with unlimited data storage. Through His omni­science all unforgiven sins are retained in His memory all injustice, violence, lies, hatred, adultery, murder, and many others, including the more subtle forms. All will be held against the perpetrators who appear before Him at the judgment. This is the sense of “the books”. The fact that the race has been lost must be acknowledged then at the latest.

There is, however, a way of escape which God Himself opened up: we can prevent that judgment affecting us by confessing our sins honestly before God and putting our faith in the Saviour, Jesus Christ. That is the only way to evade God’s judgment. Jesus Christ and His finished work at the cross is the sole place of refuge from God’s wrath, which is about to break. What a blessing it is for all who have found that place by faith.

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